Section B6 – AR – Goal Setting & Growth

Throughout this semester of ELA 20, I feel as though that I have evolved more as a student compared to who I was as a student before this semester. Before the course, although I was able to complete my work in a timely matter, I felt as though I was not able to do quite as good of a job when it comes to completing assignments and doing section work. This semester, however, I feel as though that I was not only able to complete work quickly, but I think that I was able to do a better job at completing that work.

In these last few weeks of English, I plan to continue putting as much effort as I can when completing these last few assignments to ensure that I can keep my mark up and possibly boost it. On top of trying to put maximum effort in on my tasks, I plan to take more time than in previous years to prepare for our final interview and final presentations to make sure that I have made improvements since last year. This may be able to help me with boosting my mark and making it so I’m more confident whenever I do attempt to do these last few assignments which could make me an overall better student.

Section A2 – CC – Inquiry Conclusion Paragraph

Fairy Tales are an important part in almost all children’s lives. From Cinderella, to Jack and The Beanstalk, fairy tales bring joy and imagination, as well as stay with kids all through their lives. Today, kids are read new, more friendly versions of these once dark, twisted stories, in hopes to bring them day to day joy. The fairy tales that people are read as kids tend to stick with them as the grow up  into adulthood. Although these stories were once very dark and incorporated very questionable ideas, kids are now told improved, altered versions of these stories that are more kid friendly to improve their imagination and give ideas of what life could be like. Fairy tales told now to kids are good, as they have unique, over-exaggerated story lines and ideas that bring happiness to children, because of this, they should continue to be told to kids.

Section B7 – Student Responses – ELA A10


“my hero is not very much known through the world or many may not know her by name but she is the person i look up to as a hero. she is my older cousin and she has helped me through half of my life. she is a great influence and has taught me how to become a young lady”


Hi Naomi. I think that you looking up to an older family member is great! Even though she isn’t well known, she still must be a wonderful role model, influencing you in the right direction and teaching you how to become who you are today. I’m sure that when your older cousin was younger she look up to someone similar to you now.

It makes it all the better that she has personally helped you through half of your life, being with to guide you. I’m sure when you’re older you may have the same influence on some one that she has on you. Even though your older cousin doesn’t have superpowers or super human abilities, you still look up to her, for the support she may give you, or the great influence she has on you, personally, I think that is great.


“My heroes are superman, spiderman and iron man. They inspire me by saving peoples lives. Also my dog.”


Hello Jim. I love superheroes as well, and I think it’s awesome that you’ve chosen them to be your hero and/or role model. I think they can set great examples of good things that you can do in your life, even though all three are fictional. Maybe one day, just like them,  you can save people’s lives as well as your dog.

Characters like superman, Spider-Man, and Ironman all try to put others before themselves, and try to help others by saving the day. In the real world, you can take this fictional scenarios, and maybe try and convert them into your world, like by saving the day, it could be donating to charity to help world hunger. As I said before, though your heros are fictional, they still set great examples for people and awesome role models to look up to.

A5 – CC – The Village

The Village, a film directed by M. Night Shyamalan, was a type of horror genre movie, that used cleaver lighting and camera angels to keep the viewer on th edge of their seats. The film requires you to infer about a lot of the plot, making you think about what actually happened in the past, and in that scene.

I thought that the techniques and style used in The Village, were very intriguing, it kept you on the edge of your seat in suspense, while not actually being very scary. I think the take they did on the film, with the camera angels, and lighting, it made out for a very unique movie.

In the film, Shyamalan, didn’t go for blood and guts, but instead for uneasy camera angels, so viewers could only get a small taste of what was there. I think that he didn’t go for blood and guts, but camera angels because it makes the viewer feel very uneasy, and wanting to see more. It adds a very suspenseful aspect to the film. The uncertain feeling of the film keeps viewers on the edge of there seat ready to jump, hence why Shyamalan didn’t want to use much gore in the film.

The type viewers that would usually gravitate towards this film are viewers who like to be on the edge of the seat, inference about what is happenings, and like so scary horror. The film makes you inference a lot about the plot and does a great job keeping viewers in suspense, which is why horror fans would probably want to see this film.

The village is quite low on rating compared to the directors previous films, sitting at about a 4.3 out of 10. Personally, I enjoyed this film, from the panning camera angels, to the he feeling that something will jump out at any second, this film kept me wanting more. Though the story wasn’t explained fully it left you to have to fill in the missing pieces on your own, which personally, I wasn’t a big fan of. I would rate this film a 6.8 out of 10, because, personally I didn’t like inferences all the time, but the film kept me on the edge of my seat and I was left wanting more.

Section A2 CC: Frankenstein Video Proposal

I am writing a video proposal on the poem Frankenstein by Edward Field. I think that the location would be somewhere similar to an old broken down village, with cottages and farms, as well as a giant castle or fortress next to the village. The lighting in this video would be a very dark setting, with the only light sources being the harsh light of the torches hung on the wall and carried by the villagers and at the cottage there would be some lanterns.

For the props in this video, there would be dirty tables, nails, scientific contraptions, screws everywhere and torches in the dungeon, where as in the village there would be torches, broken down structures, pitch forks, and moss on almost everything. At the cottage where the old man lives, there would be lanterns, flowers, books, bread, wine, and cigars. For the costumes in this video, you would put Baron in a chainmail suit of armor, equipped with a helmet and a spear. Frankenstein’s monster, would be wearing screws on his neck, as well as a ripped brown coat and a ripped pair of pants, with stiches all over him. The villagers would be wearing cloth clothing with hoods and pitch forks and torches. The old man would be wearing a jacket with cloth under clothing.

The actors in the film would need to vary, from Baron being a short, older male, Frankenstein’s monster would need to be a tall, strong male character, and the villagers would be men and women, varying from all ages and heights. For the make-up, the monster would be green, with screws in his neck and stiches everywhere, with black short hair. The villagers would be dirty and roughed up, with Baron having some scrapes, and the old man would need white hair and to be clean.

The sound effects and background music would consist of many things. For the background music at the start when all the villagers are chasing the monster, it would be a very suspenseful, creepy type of music, while at the old man’s house, it would be a creepy, yet joyful type of music. The sound effects would consist of fire crackling throughout the whole thing until the monster gets the old man’s house, and loud footsteps, with a crowd chanting different things. Another thing I would plan for would be for the time period to be set in the early 1800’s or late 1700’s.


Current Events Reflection

Since our class started researching current events on May 3rd, I’ve learned a lot o about my chosen event. I chose to research North Korea and how they were threatening to bomb the USA. I learned that over the past few months, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, has been test nuclear missile heads, trying to get a big enough explosion to destroy the states. North Korea has made a lot of progress with these warheads, in fact, they’ve come so close to making the perfect war head, that a clock called the doomsday clock, which predicts when midnight or the war will hit, and the clock is 2 minutes from midnight.
There has also been a lot of conflict between Trump and Kim Jong-Un, in the way that they keep sending threats to each other. Kim Jong-Un sent a fax to Trump with a war threat, and Trump kept trying to communicate to him to back of. The USA also had warships sent to a shore in North Korea, and had to back of immediately to prevent them from being bombed along with there country. Also, There was a video released recently by a group of anonymous hackers telling the world to prepare for world war three, and that all the signs for a world war were showing. The hackers told everyone that the tension between America and North Korea were reaching a boiling point and we needed to prepare for what’s next.
In conclusion, from all that I’ve learned on this topic, I think a world war could break out any minute. With the tensions between President Trump and Kim Jong-Un, I think we should start thinking about what we would do if a war were to break out. North Korea has already made so much progress with the warheads, I’d be surprised if a war didn’t break out in the next month. I’ve learned a lot from this current event activity so far, and I’m kind of interested to learn a little bit more on my topic.

O3 Understanding The Past

In my opinion, information from the past isn’t that much more reliable then today’s evidence of the past. Considering the could photoshop in the past without an actual computer, says a lot. In Russia some of the leaders would take people out of photos and republish textbooks.

In the future, I don’t think that information will get much more reliable. People can do so many things with technology these days and they can change things easily. Not all information will be unreliable, if you can find the right sources, it can be great information. Most information in the future will probably be tampered with and could be false.